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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jules the mechanic

Here's a little tribute to my friend Julie Young. We all know what a dear, sweet friend she is with her witty sense of humor and super smart mind good for remembering birthdays but did you know that she is also a mechanic? Last night at our ever popular girls' night out at Logan's (all 3 of us that attended-me and the Julie's) I left my lights on in the Explorer. I'm not used to driving that car and it didn't ding when I got out so I didn't even think about it. After a wonderful meal and some great conversation with the girls, me and Julie Y. were headed out to the middle of nowhere where we had parked when I noticed that I left the lights on. I commented that I'm sure it wouldn't crank but Jules assured me it would. Well, I was right! I got in the car and "click", nothing. I quickly called Jules before she got to far and being the super smart gal she is, she had a set of jumper cables in her trunk. Even better, she knew how to use them! My marketing degree got me nowhere. Should have been an engineer-that's funny even to think about. Anyway, I popped the hood, we searched for 5 minutes for the release button under the hood and finally after calling Will, found it in a not so obvious spot. Jules had her hooked up and running in no time. This is my thanks to Julie for being such a good, smart friend. Thanks for the hookup!!


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