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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The many faces of Callan and other updates

Things change so fast these days. I am hardly able to keep up with all the things that Callan is doing much less get it on video or in pictures. But I did catch a picture of a monumental moment in Callan's life. Last Tuesday she went and cast her first vote for president. She even got an I voted sticker just like mommy and daddy! That will be fun to look back on one day!
Saturday morning was a lazy morning for us. I made some muffins while Will and C enjoyed a little morning ESPN. Notice who has the remote!
Here is how I found her the same day after her nap...
I know most of you won't be shocked by the following pictures seeing as you all know my child but I thought I would share some pics of her funny faces. I was finally able to catch a few in pictures. Most were taken while she was eating and as I offered her the food, she made the snorty face as if to say, "No thank you"! She is really a hoot and makes some of the craziest expressions I have ever seen but it is so fun and she is highly entertaining with her little high pitched squeals. She really squeals now to get your attention and she recognizes her name very good. She is finally eating some of her vegetables but I am having to disguise them in different fruits. I am trying to finish off all the frozen food I made for her so I can save some money and get the bought kind. Ha! Ridiculous! I ended up breaking the new blender on the last batch of sweet potatoes so I guess it is a good thing that I am finished doing it. She is still not taking her 2 daytime bottles very good but she takes her morning and evening ones good so the doctor isn't worried. I'll leave you with some of her funny snorty faces!


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