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Monday, July 27, 2009

Callan's 1st haircut

Making faces with Mimi

What's up?

Callan, mommy and Lizzie-before the haircut

Callan got her first haircut last week by my Uncle Gary, my daddy's brother. He has a salon in Hartselle and when I go back home I try to go by and see him so I called and made Callan an appointment for while we were visiting mom. He was thrilled to see her and let her show off all of her tricks and she did so good being around someone she isn't around a lot. She loved the animal smock she got to wear and smiled as he pointed out all of the animals. He barely cut anything but she just needed her mullet trimmed and the hair around her ears cut. She sat so still. It was almost like she knew if she moved, he would snip her ear. I saved a few strands (there wasn't much to choose from) for her baby book. It looks so much better so I'm really glad we did it. I think she looks more and more like Will in these pictures!
Callan with Uncle Gary before he cut her hair
Sitting so still
So far she likes what he's done
Please don't cut me!
All finished-looking more and more like daddy


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