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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

40 weeks prego and still nothing new

Well, I am officially 40 weeks pregnant and I went to the doctor this morning to find out that nothing new is happening. I have been dilated to 1cm for a month now and still haven't had any progress since then. Dr. Woodford went ahead and made me 2cm dilated and we have scheduled an induction for next Wednesday (the 26th) if I don't go before then. I really really really want to go on my own so I'm okay with this decision. I'm glad he wasn't pushing for me to be induced tomorrow or anything. I feel like by next week I will definitely be ready for her to be here and will feel like I've given her plenty of time to make her entrance. So now I've gotta clean my house again! I thought I had cleaned it for the last time before my mom got here but it looks like it might have to happen again if Lizzie keeps holding out. Thanks everyone for checking on me and praying for us. Keep it up! We'll let you know if anything crazy happens!


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