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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

7 year itch

Well yesterday was our 7th anniversary. It is crazy to think we've been married that long. I was thinking back to our wedding day and how much of it I can still remember so clearly. The way that we saw each other for the first time (a priceless moment which is now displayed in our house in a collage of pictures), the feeling of walking down the aisle and meeting Will at the altar, the way we excitedly ran out after the wedding, the few moments we had to ourselves before everyone came in to eat, the exhaustion of a receiving line, the feeling of leaving the wedding in a super cool car, and the honeymoon adventures! All of these feelings were ones of pure joy and happiness. Such great memories. I wasn't a bridezilla at all so I didn't care about most of the details so I was just able to enjoy it all.

Fast forward 7 years to reality. Me and Will have a great marriage but that doesn't come without work. Marriage is hard. The first year was especially hard. He and I both had lived in fraternity/sorority houses so the reality of moving in with someone of the opposite sex was shocking. We have really grown and learned a lot about relationships over the last 7 years. It has been a fun journey and more than that, fun to have him by my side. I think it is huge that we were such good friends before hand. I think that really helped our relationship to have a strong friendship... as well as love! I look forward to the future with my sweet husband! I have so many blessings I can't count them all. But I know one of God's greatest blessings was sending Will to my life.

We had a super low key anniversary day. Will worked, I worked, the girls napped, we went to Target, ran a few more errands as a family, grilled steaks, Kraft Homestyle macaroni (delicious-please try it), corn on the cob and peas. Then topped it off with homemade banana pudding. An early bedtime made the night complete. Boring, old, happily married Will & Mel. I love you honey!

Banana pudding!!! Yum!!!


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