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Friday, September 10, 2010

My baby started preschool

Playing in the garage-just a picture that has nothing to do with this post

Well Tuesday was a new adventure for us. We enrolled Callan in King's Kids 2 days a week and this week was her first week there. She was really excited to go and we talked about all the things she would do and her lunch and bag, etc. When I went to wake her up that morning I walked in and said, "Who is going to school today" and she jumped up and said, "Me"! That was a surprise but I was so excited that she was excited and not nervous.

Eating breakfast-we were actually really excited

Ashlan & Callan-we picked her up from Tara's classroom downstairs and she went to the 2 year old class with us. She did great. Not one ounce of nervousness. Wish I could say the same for C. As we got to the door we got this face below.

Getting a little more nervous

No time for a picture with mommy

I hung around for a few minutes to ease her into it. Another little girl was having a meltdown and I wanted to make sure she did join least not yet!
Daddy and his girls
I finally decided to leave and was able to sneak out without her noticing. I did peek in once and saw that she and Mrs. Kim, her teacher, were looking in her bag so I'm sure she started to get upset and they were trying to distract her. I left on that note excited that she had done so well. I went outside and talked to Jessica and Courtney and told them how good she did and went home. Scarlett called me a few minutes later to tell me that she was crying when Scarlett dropped Ava off and then she went back a few minutes later and she still was. I was sad for Callan but happy for the update. I would have been more shocked if she didn't cry at all. I went back eagerly at 1:00 to get her and found out that she cried for about 30 minutes and then did fine after they went outside to play. She did have 2 accidents probably a little because of nerves and mostly because mommy packed her some first day of school juice which is very rare in our house. It almost always makes her have an accident and I packed a whole sippy cup full. They told me that her cup comforted her so that juice was gone. Well I think she is smart and realized she never gets juice so she gulped it down and then it went right through her. I also think it is probably weird for someone else to take you to the potty. Oh well, I was a little nervous for Thursday but once they pried her from my arms, she only cried for about 10 minutes and had no accidents. Yay for improvements! I was so relieved. I am so thankful that she still likes it and so far seems eager to go. It has been nice having a little more time to myself and a little extra one on one time with Lizzie!


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