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Friday, August 21, 2009

How to induce labor

Me and my 2 basketballs

Well I obviously didn't make it on my due date with Lizzie but it wasn't for trying. I had a really good day and felt great for the most part. I had lunch with a few girlfriends at Rosie's and the mexican food really did start some contractions but they didn't last. Then last night I cooked chicken and dumplins and homemade ice cream and we had Will's parents over to eat with us. Then me, Will and C took a stroll through the neighborhood. When we got back, me and Will shot a few hoops. And yes I was really shooting in these pictures, more than a few shots. He was worried about me getting hurt or falling but I was just trying to make her get here.
Look at that form!
Then we came in and put C to bed and read for a little while. I got very naseaus at some point and ended up going to bed early. I woke around 1:00 for a potty break and then again around 3:00 for another one. Well at 3 I started having some pretty strong contractions that weren't going away. They lasted for about 3 hours but were only about 6-10 minutes apart. I finally got up and went to the couch and then ended up on facebook and googling labor signs. The contractions were pretty rough but all of a sudden they were gone. I have only had one since I woke up this morning. Craziness! Oh well, going to run in to see Kyla for a quick haircut and then grab lunch with my hubby. I'll keep you updated!
Callan watching Sesame Street while laying on Lizzie


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