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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Our segway tour-it is actually a lot harder to take your hand off than you would think
I haven't posted about our Chicago trip just because honestly I'm not real good at posting. It's about time though. Will had to go to Chicago for work for 3 days and he had a free flight so I used it to go with him. His parents kept the girls one day and my mom kept them another day. Thank goodness they were able to do that so we could spend some time together.

The first night we ate at a place called Lou Malnati's, a local Chicago style pizza place. Last time we were in Chicago we ate at Giordano's and really weren't impressed with the pizza. I was a little hesitant but oh my word, how awesome!! We got some spinach bread to start with which was awesome and then a deep dish italian sausage pizza. It was so good, I can't even explain it!! Then we topped it off with a little cookie and ice cream for dessert. The picture above is us full and satisfied. We then did a little shopping on Michigan Avenue and found my favorite Chicago store, H&M. Probably the only one I could even afford shopping in, but it is the bomb. It is 3 floors of trendy, stylish, super inexpensive clothing. We picked up a few things before I had to have my picture made to capture the night!

We were literally exhausted walking around. I had on boots that weren't very comfortable when you walk as many miles as we did. So we decided to take a ride on a rickshaw. I didn't know that is what these were called until this day but a guy rode his bicycle and pulled us around on our little cart. It definitely beat having to walk even one more step. Very different and fun!

Will looking professional waiting on the subway, or the "L" as the locals call it

The 2nd day we were there we decided it would be neat to take a segway tour around Chicago. We had a lot of fun with our guide, Demetrius, and the only couple from ATL that went with us. Demetrius was from Greece so we really had to pay attention to what he was saying because of his heavy accent.

Before my driving lesson began

At the Shedd Aquarium-Demetrius loved taking pictures so be glad this is all I'm posting of the segways.

Another night of shopping at Filene's Basement-my trooper husband

A quick stop at Ghiradelli for a free sample of chocolate, a little bitty cup of water and some delicious hot chocolate. Notice the smile on my face!

A quick stop at the Hershey store before heading home for the night. Silly hats and tired faces!

Our drive home from Nashville to see our babies. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. This was our delirious driving pic! We had a great trip and I am so thankful for Will's job and the opportunities both of us get from it. I am also thankful for loving grandparents who will lend a hand and let us go do these things. As much as you love your kids, it is so important for your marriage to get away and spend time together!


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