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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2011 so far

Best family pic we could get

So clearly I haven't posted in a while. Christmas was the last time and now we are already almost in the 4th month of the year. Time is flying by. Lots has been going on but I don't think I can catch you all up on everything so I'll just post a few pics and tell a few stories. We started the year off with a new (to us) minivan. We got a 2005 Honda Odsessey and this momma is thrilled. I said I would never have one but after having 2 kids back to back it has been worth it. I really don't care what I drive and now I can get the kids in and out a lot easier. It has been great.
In February, I worked for my second time at Wee Swap doing some marketing work for them. I have really enjoyed getting to use my degree and of course the two ladies who run it, Lou Ann Mitchell and Lea Snell are awesome as well. I will hopefully get to do it again for the fall sale (first of August) so I'm looking forward to that.

Callan is turning 3 on Thursday, the 24th. It is hard to believe it has already been 3 years. We had her party this past Saturday with just our parents, grandparents and siblings. Very small compared to the last 2 years but we decided not to do extended family after the first 2 years. We had sandwiches for lunch and cupcakes instead of a cake. I went all out this year with a preordered sandwich tray from Wal-Mart and boxed cupcakes with icing out of a can. Greatest. Mom. Ever! I have to say it was quite nice not worrying about all the little details. Here are a few pics from her party.

Bouncy house-thank you Wee Swap


Opening presents

New shades!

Barbie Jeep-so excited about this! Got a great deal!

A new tea set

Will has been traveling more this year than ever before. They got a new contract at work (which is great) but it has meant that he and Scott have had to visit several new hospitals to show them which products to order. He has been to Detroit, Washington D.C., New York, Tampa, Orlando, and maybe New Jersey?? all in the last 5 weeks or so. He still has to make at least one more trip in Alabama before he can be done with this project. I am so ready to have him home and I know the girls are too. We really miss him and just try to stay busy while he's gone. It is not an easy job being a single parent and I have a new respect for people that do.

Amy, Reagan, and Carley were here for spring break this past week. The twins get to come in a month for their spring break so we're looking forward to that. We've got a fun surprise planned for them when they come. My girls are obsessed with Reagan (Ray Ray). I have never seen 2 people be so in love with someone else (cousin love, that is) They just lay with him and hug on him and hold his face. They cry when he leaves the room. It is hilarious. I am just so thankful that we are all so close.

Carley trying out the seat

Carley, Reagan and Callan at Cracker Barrel

Me & Amy at Frostbite!

Our newest project involves this little lady. We are trying to get rid of that sweet little paci (pappy) We have taken it away except for naptime and bedtime (and this picture) but it has been hard. Let's just say Lizzie hasn't been as easy as Callan was. I know you are all shocked! She is much louder than Callan if nothing else so this sweet little paci has been a great way to plug her little mouth when she is whiney. Well, remove the paci and what do you have? A whiney little girl. Callan gave her paci up before a nap at 14 months and never looked back. Lizzie, not so much. I am waiting for Will to get back in town before we begin the no paci at bedtime try but I anticipate it not being very much fun. I hope she makes it easier on us than we think. I guess we'll try letting her throw them in the garbage and telling them bye bye. Wish us luck!

On a more serious note, some friend of ours, Chad & Amanda Wilson lost their home to a fire this past Thursday. Thank goodness all 5 family members are fine but they lost everything they owned except for the clothes on their back and their cars thanks to a stranger that pulled them out of the garage as the fire was going. Remember them in your prayers. They have received lots of help and God will carry them through but it is still hard and heartbreaking. Here is a picture of their sweet family.


  • It is so hard to believe that Callan will be 3 on Thursday! Happy Birthday, Sweet Callan! Congratulations on the mini-van and good luck with the paci. I remember my sis going through the paci removal with her VERY STRONG WILLED Rylee...BE STRONG! LOL

    By Blogger Ashley, At March 22, 2011 at 10:02 PM  

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