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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

9 days!!!

Nothing exciting is happening lately except a lot of waiting. I thought I might fill you in on my latest appt. We are only 9 days away! It is going so fast, yet so slow here at the end. We had an appt. today with Dr. Woodford who ended up having to leave to go to the hospital and deliver a baby so after Mona (our nurse) left us, Danielle came in to check me. I’m still not dilated, but I did have some higher protein levels and my blood pressure was up just a touch from last week. Danielle wasn’t really concerned with any of it. She said the protein was probably from my lack of water intake today. She wants me to rest and drink lots of water and come back on Friday to make sure the protein level is normal . I think if it isn’t gone and my blood pressure happens to be up, we might talk about inducing! She said Dr. Woodford probably wouldn’t let me go a week past my due date so the end is definitely in sight. She also said I had dropped so I should be able to breath better now. This was the most eventful appt. we have had so far, I just hope it is all okay. I have gained 23 pounds total so I’m probably about done. My belly measure 37.5 inches around. I’m definitely not miserable but I am getting very anxious for her to get here. Hopefully it won’t be long. There is a full moon this Friday and Easter is Sunday so we’ll see if we can make it past those 2 events. I'll keep you posted!


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