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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anniversary trip to Memphis

I'm sure I can't do the trip justice with just a blog but I wanted to update you on where Will took me for our surprise anniversary trip. Saturday we celebrated 5 years of marital bliss and he had planned an entire weekend of fun. We headed out Friday morning towards Memphis (I figured it out after a few minutes). Will had put together a notebook with our schedule in it and he gave it to me as soon as I got in the car. I still didn't know what we were doing, only the addresses of the places we were going. Once we got to Memphis I was in the backseat with C giving her a bottle and wasn't looking around so I missed about 10 signs telling me where we were going but it made it more fun. I finally looked up to see the last sign say we were at the Memphis Zoo and Aquarium. The zoo is one of my favorite places on Earth so I was super excited! It took us forever to load up the stroller with all the things we were going to need for the day but once we got in it was perfect. The weather was not nearly as warm as it had been, C loved being outside in the Baby Bjorn and the animals were hilarious. We watched the sea lion show which was a highlight of the trip. We kept walking trying to find something to eat for lunch and when we would decide on a place and get there, it would be closed. That was frustrating! So I finally fed C in a bathroom (Ugh!) and we ended up leaving and getting some Chinese food close by. We have discovered that C's favorite animal is the zebra so Will took her picture in front of the zebras!

A sweet little duck that wanted out!

After we left lunch, we headed toward our hotel which I just knew was the Peabody. He kept saying no it wasn't but he was driving straight towards it so I was getting really confused. Finally we rounded a corner and ended up at the new Westin which Will's uncle built along with his company. I was so excited because I knew it was an awesome hotel but being as nieve as I am I never even thought we might be staying there. Well, let's just say that Uncle Glenn gave us the hook up! I don't want to spend too much time on this subject since I don't have pictures but it was an unbelievable room! The sign on the wall said it was $2,500.00 a night and we got it for free!!! It was almost as big as our house with the most desirable bathroom (and half bath) that you could ever imagine! C even had her own crib!! We didn't take many pictures of the room but we did make a Cribs video that you can come over and see if you want to!

We left that night headed to the Memphis Redbirds game where we got the $5.00 tickets to sit on the bluff. It is just a grassy hillside out past left field where you take a blanket and sit and watch the game. Nachos are my favorite food in the whole world so this is one of the reasons we went. Will got the famous BBQ nachos but I stuck with the regular. The weather was amazing but the company was best. It was just so nice to lay out on the grass with no worries. Callan ended up taking a little snooze. We left the game and took a walk down Beale Street with our 4 month old and then headed back to the Westin for bed.
Will practicing his pitch!

This child can sleep anywhere!

Our family photo

Beale Street at night
The next morning after some apple juice and muffins, we headed to my next surprise. We walked down a few blocks and ended up at the Peabody hotel where I am still confused. We finally ended up at a desk where I had to tell a lady my name and she said, "Oh you're here for your pedicure" and I said, "I don't know". Well I was there for a pedicure. Will had made me an appointment for a Fiji spa pedicure. He and Callan turned and went back to the hotel while I was getting that done. I walked back after my pedicure which was unbelievable by the way and we packed up and took the trolley down to the Arcade restaurant. It is the oldest restaurant in Memphis and the location for several famous movie scenes. Not the greatest food but fun to go there anyway. We then headed to the Memphis Farmer's Market where I got a cool t-shirt and then on to the Bigfoot Lodge for the most delicious dessert ever. It was a huge chocolate chip cookie cooked in a castiron skillet and served with ice cream. Amazing! After our extremely fun weekend together we headed home. When we got here we walked out on the back porch and there was an Amish swing hanging from the ceiling. He had surprised me one last time with a new swing! It is awesome! We have sat out there several times already. The trip was so nice because we really needed some time away as a family with no distractions (we didn't even take our computer!). Will made our anniversary so special and I am so thankful for him! I can't wait to see what he does next year! HA!

Us at the Arcade restaurant


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