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Monday, August 18, 2008

Peanut grew

I just wanted to update everyone on Callan's doctor's appointment today. She had gained 7 ounces in 2 weeks and Dr. Huffman-Parker was pleased. She said to her that just meant that she needed the extra calories. We had a scale here at home that we had borrowed to keep an eye on her weight the last 2 weeks and I was panicking because it never showed her gaining even one ounce, but obviously it was wrong! Also, I think I have been having a problem with my milk supply being low so I'm going to take some medicine and an herbal supplement to help with that. Hopefully that will help her stop crying while nursing. If she still seems hungry after I feed her we are supposed to give her formula or pumped breastmilk to make sure she gets all that she wants. Hopefully if my milk supply increases I won't have to give the additional supplement for long. We are still going to continue with the cereal 3 times a day and she said we could start solids if we wanted to but we don't really see any rush for that since they don't really contain many calories and that is what she needs right now. Hopefully my child will be wearing some of that closet full of clothes pretty soon. I just expect her to really start putting the weight on now! She finally weighs as much as I did at 2 weeks!!!!!!! Anyway, thank you all SO much for the prayers. We are very pleased and I honestly feel like a new person today! I have been a little stressed out lately (no comment Will). It makes us feel so good to have so many people asking about her and praying for her. God has blessed us with such good friends and family! I will post pictures of my fat child later!!


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