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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spring & Summer Part I

I guess I'm only going to post once a season or so but maybe I can get you caught up. We had a busy spring with lots going on but amazingly this summer has slowed down a little. We have lots of birthday parties coming up this week but other than that we have enjoyed lots of nights cooking at home and playing with the girls. It has been so nice to spend some quality family time together.

Callan started gymnastics at the Y right after she turned 3. She loved it at first and wanted to practice her new tricks a lot but after about 6 weeks she started saying she didn't want to go and cried when we talked about going. It was a very crowded class and the teacher wasn't exactly pushing her to go during her turn so we didn't mind dropping out. Most of the time she just wanted to sit by the teacher anyway. Maybe when she is a little older she will like it better.

Will had to go to Mobile & Destin for his last work trip for a while so me and the girls tagged along for a quick beach stay. The first part of the trip was absolutely awful and we thought we might never take another family trip again but once we got settled at the beach and quit hotel hopping and being in the car so much, they were great and we had a great time. We stopped the first day in Birmingham at the Children's Museum and had a fun time letting the girls run around and see all the neat stuff.

Then we went on to the beach and stayed a couple of nights. They loved the sand and it was so nice to stay out there for several hours and enjoy the wonderful weather. We bought a Sportbrella at Sam's and I highly recommend it.

My aunt Lori is an awesome painter and over the last few years she has painted the girls their own personal chair with their name on it. We got a table from a friend for a super low price of $10 and painted it to match the chairs and it has been perfect to let the girls play on or eat a snack. Precious!

Taylor & Tyler got to come up for their spring break and spend a little time with us. We picked them up at the airport (they flew by themselves!!! They are getting so old!) in Birmingham
and they stayed in Florence for a few days before going to Athens. They are amazing kids not to mention great babysitters too. Our girls love them so much and just the other day Callan said she couldn't wait until they got here this summer so she could hug them and hold them.
They are coming in about a month for their summer trip so we can't wait!

Here are a few pics from Easter. We always go to my grandparents in Danville and hunt eggs after church. Oh yeah and eat...Granny food!!

We sat in the laundry room during the bad storms in April. Thank goodness Florence didn't get hit hard but I know so many have suffered from them.

This post is entirely too long to be one so I'm going to break it up. Hope you are catching up! Part II is next


  • Great pictures and thanks for the additional catch up! The girls look as cute as ever and yay for Lizzie with her potty training!

    By Blogger Katie, At June 25, 2011 at 11:55 AM  

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