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Sunday, September 4, 2011

August updates

Typical picture of our girls these days

Reagan, Calln, Tyler, Lizzie, Taylor & Carley

Ghetto pool

New Bama jerseys

Me and my honey of 8 years

Mom/Mimi/party helper

One of L's many faces

Thanks Amy's cakes!

Just a little browsing in Hibbett's

My first night of running-pushing a double stroller with these 2 monkeys in it! Their first and last run with me!

Some of the tomatoes from our plant

I thought I would update all my many readers on what's been going on at the Bridges household. It is Labor Day weekend and I just found out that our friend, Katie is on her way to our house with her boyfriend, Matt. I am so excited to see them. What a nice surprise. They have been at the beach along with the tropical storm and have been pretty miserable so they are going to use their last day to visit their Florence friends.

This is a crazy week for us because the girls start school at Kid's Point on Tuesday. I hope they are really excited about it because I am! I realized recently that they are together all day everyday with little to no break from each other and it is starting to show. This has got to be exhausting so I think school will be so good for them. We are having to make an effort to spend one on one time with them to separate them a little and it is good for all 4 of us when that happens. Callan is lately giving us a run for our money with her little defiant attitude and I'm so ready for the few hours a week that I get to be by myself. Granted I need to be cooking and cleaning and I hope I learn to make good use of my time, but I am so excited for the little break. Maybe I'll squeeze in some fun Mel time!

Will and I are leaving soon for a little beach trip on our own. It is a belated anniversary trip and much needed. I seriously feel like we haven't had a decent uninterrupted conversation in several weeks. It is so hard for me to leave the kids but I know how important things like this are for our marriage. I love spending time with Will and it is going to be so nice to do it for several days in a row with no precious little voices around! Thanks to fabulous grandparents for lending a babysitting hand while we're gone!

Our house is still for sale. Actually at this very moment we are having an open house. Can't you tell how busy it is? We are trying really hard to sell it on our own to save money to possibly fix up another house or put some money down but it is really hard to do. This open house might let us know how badly we need to list it. By the way, a little shout out to Mary Lord who is an awesome agent if you need one! Still got an hour and a half left so we'll see what happens.

On a crazy note if you know me, I have actually started running. Yes I know you are all shocked by my exercise but I decided now that I'm close to 30 that maybe I should do a little something to get in shape. I decided to do the Couch to 5K program which basically takes me from the couch seeing as I don't exercise to being able to do a 5K. I am on my 4th week of running and I'm running 3 days a week. I don't pay attention to how far I run, I just try to run more time than I ran the time before.

We moved into a new classroom at church for our SonSeekers class and me and Will have spent a lot of time looking at furniture and buying art for the wall. It's an awesome room though and we have tons of space so if you are youngish (20-30's) and want some super cool people to hang out with, come to CrossPoint and hang out with us! We have some single, some married, some kids, some without. Equal opportunity!

Lizzie turned 2 on August 26th and whenever you ask her how old she is, she says August 26th. We had her party last weekend and it was great. It is so nice to be surrounded by family and friends that love your children. She got tons of stuff and we had lots of yummy food. We have found a hot dog bar with lots of different toppings to be a huge success. We also had beans and one of my new favorites, corn dip. Oh my, it is so good. My aunt made it for a family get together and it has been a huge success the 2 times I've made it since. Let me know if you want the recipe.

On a not so fun note, my grandfather, Paw Paw (mom's dad) has recently been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease. It has hit him pretty quickly and he is starting to get very weak. His speech is the thing that has gone down the most and it is almost as if he is talking without his teeth in. It is very sad because we know his time isn't very long. He is a super cool granddad and it has been hard to watch him going down. I'm also very sad for my mom who is the only daughter; she has 3 brothers which help care for he and my granny a lot too but mom is really close with them and visits with them a lot. My granny isn't in the best shape either and has a really hard time walking so if something happens to him, she might not be able to be by herself very long. I'm trying to make a cookbook for that side of the family to commemorate all the times we get together and eat. Hopefully I'll get it done by Christmas!

Sorry all of this is so random but sitting here with nothing to do, I thought I'd share some stuff. I don't feel like arranging the pictures so they are just going to be all at the top. Have a great Labor Day!


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