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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I hate it when people don't update their blogs often and I am so being that girl lately. I haven't really known what to write about because I didn't always want to be writing about my child, but it has been almost 6 weeks since my last post. Even though she is amazing to us, she is still too young to do many "tricks" so I don't have a lot to say about her besides that we go this week for her 2 month shots! I dread it so bad!

Here is what has been going on in our lives:

Scott and Amy find out for sure tomorrow what they are having. They were 75% sure it was a girl, but she gets another ultrasound done tomorrow. I can't wait to know for sure!

Will has been the assistant baseball coach for Mars Hills for the past 4 years or so and this year the boys have made it to state. We go on this road this week for the state tournament and I can't wait. I really get into whatever he is coaching after I get to know the boys and so I can't wait to watch them play and hopefully win a state championship. Mars Hills hasn't even been to state since Will's senior year so this is extra exciting!

They played Friday night and won the second game in extra innings because a ball bounced off of one of our players head's and allowed a run to be scored. It was hilarious! There was a great SonSeeker turnout of support. It was very fun and I know Will appreciated everyone being there to support him too. Kimberly got pegged by a foul ball in the head and hand. She is a little sore this week! Thank goodness it didn't hit the kids though. It was close!

Well, today is my first Mother's Day! I posted a picture of our family Mother's Day portrait! It was such an exciting day for me! Not only was it my first MD, but it was Callan's first day at church (on a Sunday). She was the best baby during church! She only cried out once during the service and class. I was so proud. I hate getting up in front of people so I was praying she would be good and she was. She slept the entire time and most of the day today. Not to mention that she slept for 9 hours last night. I could not believe it. She is only 7 weeks old. I felt so proud (and rested)!! We feel very blessed to have Callan in our lives!

I promise not to make it this long before the next post, but that's all for now!

By the way, I will be missing (but recording) the season finale of The Bachelor tomorrow night so don't tell me who he picks!!