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Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Craziness 2010

Warning: lots of pics!

December is always a crazy time for us like it is for many. My birthday falls during the first week along with the Coat and Toy Giveaway at church. Then when we get closer to Christmas we have several gatherings to go to. This year it was 8 of them. It is a little bit ridiculous and exhausting but what can we say...we love our family and have a hard time saying no. Here are a few pics from the holidays. For my birthday we went to Umi to eat which was delicious. At the end of our meal they serananded me with several songs in Japanese that I couldn't understand and presented me with a beautiful crystal swan. Let's just say it wasn't as nice as I'm pretending but it did make for some good laughs. Thanks Umi! Then Will surprised me with a dance lesson at the new studio, Free to Dance. Super cool because he knew that would be something I would love to do! We learned the parts of the Waltz and I give Will huge props for doing something that he didn't really want to do for my sake. He also gave me a Papaya gift certificate and a pedicure!!! Already took advantage of that one and loved it!!! I left out a lot of stuff and a lot of celebrations but you can see it was already too much!

We went to a Tacky Christmas party at some friends house. Here is Will's sweater (thanks Jo Anne) and his silly face to go along with it.

Callan's school did their Christmas program and this is what C did the whole time. Actually she stood up with the 3 years old and older even though her whole class sat down the entire time. She never moved her mouth. The most action we got was her shrugging her shoulders a few times. They had a little party in their class afterwards. We recorded the whole thing which means a lot of boring video since she didn't perform!

Yes Lizzie is on the potty and yes she poo pooed. Jo Anne had put her on their one day and she went and several times since then if we've seen her going we've put her up there and she will go on the potty. It is so funny to see something so small up there using the big potty. She also pee pees on command. She is hilarious! And no, I will not be potty training anytime soon!

Our first Christmas event was with my dad and Elaine, Shan, Shannon, Alexis and Faith. They came to our house this year which was so nice for us not to drive one more place. We ate soup and dessert and then opened presents. We had lots of fun and the girls definitely enjoyed getting some new toys!

Will left on the Sunday before Christmas to go hunting in Kentucky with his dad, uncle and cousins. They were gone for 2 nights so me and the girls came up with some fun (give mom a break) type of things to do. We had fun playing in our new matching pjs.

The girls all wanted to flip except no one actually flipped and they all stayed like that for several minutes.

Me, Will, Shannon & Shannon

Our family at my dad's

The girls riding the tractors at Chapparel Steakhouse in Lawrencburg. That is where we meet the rest of the Bridges family for Christmas.

Our Bridges crew with Memommy

Carley holding up her bread at Ricatoni's for Reagan's birthday

The grandkids (aka. the chaos) at Ricatoni's

The grandkids with Granna, Dada and Santa

Callan got a new stool for Christmas and Lizzie was trying it out while talking on the phone...she's such a multitasker
We couldn't find Lizzie and she was in the rocking chair patting the Bible
Their terrible crazy hair growing out. Now you know why we always want a bow in it!
Scott, Amy, Will and me
Bring on 2011!