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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas sickness and a Target couponing trip

Right after she starting running fever

Christmas morning :(

Lizzie started getting fever too

1st out of 2 doctor's visits that week

Boneless chicken farm-both fell asleep on me

I know these are out of order but I don't want to take the time to fix them.

Making snow cookies-a Christmas tradition (before we got sick)
Lizzie's new big girl bed....loving this change!
I am so far behind I am not going to attempt to catch up. Basically we had a great fall and winter but then both girls got very sick during Christmas and we had to cancel several of our plans with family. I have realized there are 2 times in my life that what was going on in the outside world didn't matter to me. 1. When we had our babies and were in the hospital and it didn't matter if your house was dirty or clothes were washed. All that mattered was taking care of that baby. 2. The second time was this past Christmas when both girls were sick and we didn't get to go anywhere or do anything for about a week. They both ended up with ear infections and bronchitis and Lizzie had some Croup thrown in there too. It was pitiful to watch them not even feel like opening presents (although they did but not with as many smiles as we had hoped for).
Callan on Christmas day-went to my Granny's for 30 minutes and she threw up so we had to leave
On a totally different note, I am posting a short pic to describe my latest Target shopping trip. Not only am I super excited that I got a new Target debit card today which saves me 5% on every purchase and 1% of my yearly purchases go to the school of my choice. I'm hoping maybe somehow Mars Hill can take that donation off of my future bill. Fat chance! But also, today I had an amazing couponing shopping trip that I wanted to share.
I got one box of Multigrain Cheerios, 2 boxes of Skinny Cow chocolates and 2 boxes of Cheez Its. My sweet cashier friend checked me out and told me my total of $17.59 and then I handed her my 4 coupons. $1 off Cheerios, $1/2 Cheez Its, $3/2 Skinny Cow Target coupon and Buy one get one free Skinny Cow manufacturer coupon. When all those were scanned my total was $4.54!!!!! With my new red card I saved an additional .19 cents today. I was so excited that my total went from $17.59 to $4.54. Greatest Target shopping trip ever!!!
We are so thankful for the sunshine we have seen over the last few days. It is a change for my allergies and my mood!