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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer fun

So sorry, I don't feel like putting these pictures in order or labeling them. Enjoy all at once!

Well I'll be honest, I haven't really felt like blogging lately. The summer is wearing me out. 2 babies+hot sun=exhaustion. We've had a lot going on this entire year...until now. All of a sudden we didn't have a busy week and it was wonderful. Can't say that we've done a lot but it has been so nice to slow down for a while. We eaten in a lot this week, played outside a lot, swam a lot, just had a normal family week. Callan had swimming lessons this week with Mrs. Denise. Wow has she become a household name in a bad way. Every time we say something about a pool, she says "pool nee no". Pool, Denise, no! Bless her heart. First three days we cried a lot, 4th day was great, 5th pretty good. At least we are getting used to the water and introducing her to the fact that if you get off the step, you will go under if you don't 'reach and pull and kick, kick, kick'!

We have gotten out our redneck pool a alot this summer and had fun playing in that. Will had to go to Detroit for a few nights so me and the girls stayed with my mom in Hartselle. My mom rocks! If you have a mom that helps you out, you are so lucky. Well, when you have kids as close together as ours, your mom is more important. She is extra helpful! We got brave and decided to go to the Birmingham Zoo in the 95 degree heat. The first hour was miserable but then a storm starting brewing and it cooled off a good bit. It ended up being a great day besides the fact that I got bit by a duck! I forgot my camera so the pictures are on mom's to be posted later!

Last night we got to meet the newest member of the Mann family. Baby Harrison arrived safely Thursday night. He is precious and I'm sorry ladies, Lizzie has already claimed him! Congrats to Jack, Kimberly & big brother Henry!
July is going to be a little busier. Will's parents are moving in a week or so and Amy and the kids will be here in a couple of weeks for a while. Then comes August. Will has to go to Denver again for a few days. Then we're going to try to go to to Atlanta for a few days BY OURSELVES!! Oh my word, I will be so excited to get to go away for a few days. But at the same time, I will be so so so sad to leave the girls. I left Callan in December and was okay until I got home and broke down like a baby but I've never left Lizzie. I'm not sure how that is going to go. But...she has been a much harder baby and I know that has added so much more stress to our lives and we really need to get away. This last year has been hard but I know it will get better soon. Each day is better. Callan was such a good baby that this has definitely been a change. I guess this is reality while Callan was a dream! We love you Lizard! Then we'll plan Lizzie's 1st birthday party which is crazy in itself that she's about to be 1! Then in September I think we are planning on going to D.C. and seeing Josh play and visiting the city. That will take the place of our yearly beach trip.
Anyway, maybe I'm caught up for now! Have a good weekend!