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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

House pics

Our new house!

Okay, I promised a few pics of the house so here they are. We moved in about 2 months ago but we still have a lot of holes on the wall where we want to add pictures or patch the old owner's holes, a terribly messy garage to clean out, etc. Hopefully we will get that done soon because I am hosting a wedding shower over here in a couple of weeks. Also, we are moving Callan into the guest bedroom as soon as we get the crib put together, paint, etc. Lizzie will keep the nursery furniture so Will decided it would probably be easier to move all of Callan's stuff out of the furniture and into the other room instead of moving the furniture itself. We did buy a new crib and hopefully will put it together soon and get Callan moved so that she has time to get used to the new room and not feel like Lizzie took it from her. Besides that, the only other major project is the upstairs. It is just a bonus room for now but has no furniture in it. We are hoping to make it into a sort of movie room maybe by football season but haven't touched it yet. If we were to have 3 kids, Will can move upstairs for his office and the baby could take the office which is downstairs next to our bedroom. I think that about sums it up. Now for the pictures!
The kitchen with old awful countertops
The kitchen with the new countertops!

The breakfast room and back door

The back porch with the pergula

Another view of the back with the deck

The front of the house

Lizzie's room where Callan is now

The bonus room with nothing in it!

The master bath-we have our own sinks

The bathtub-shower to the right-toilet to the left

A view of our bedroom

The master

From Will's office looking out

The clutter that is Will's desk

The dining room

The living room

Another view with my desk in the background

What you would see walking in the front door

Callan's future room-boring right now!

Callan's bathroom