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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Publix addiction

Okay, so I have a new addiction. It's called saving money at Publix! My super sister-in-law, Shannon, has always been great at saving money and using coupons. She gets some of the most unbelievable deals and sometimes they even pay her to take stuff because she has so many coupons. Well, at Christmas she taught me some of the tricks to be able to save lots of money. I worked all Sunday night gathering up all my coupons and checking the Publix ad online and then made my grocery list. I arranged for a babysitter for Callan and headed to Decatur with Lizzie to do my shopping. I was there for about an hour and a half which I think is hilarious because I didn't get that much but I did go down every aisle. Let me tell you there were some super shoppers there. Some ladies had spreadsheets, expandable file folders, scissors, all the works in order to get the best deals. I had to call Shannon at least 2 times to make sure I understood how it all worked but finally I got to the register and checked out. I spent $39.13 but saved $54.08. I was sooooo excited!!!! I saved so much money. I got Green Giant vegetables for $1/box, Scotties tissues for FREE, 2 boxes of fruit snacks for $1.30, 2 boxes of stick butter for .15 cents each, Pillsbury pancakes-2 boxes for $2.18, Jello pudding, Success Rice, FREE Jolly Time popcorn, 2 boxes of granola bars, Wheat Thins, 2 bags of cough drops, 2 bottles of Fantastik, 2 bags of Voila dinners, 1 16 pack of AA batteries, some McCormick seasoning, 2 cans of Progresso soup, 3 cans of Chef Boyardee, and 2 bottles of V8 Splash. Now, tell me that's not a ton of stuff for $40. Plus the batteries were $8 of that. I am hooked. I can't wait until the next Publix shopping trip. We are going to save so much money by making the drive to a Publix and we are going to try so many new things by doing this. I've already talked Scarlett into doing it with me next time. It does take a long time committment for getting your list and coupons together and then obviously the drive and shopping time but well worth it in my opinion. Shannon said she and another girl might be doing another couponing class soon so if they do and anyone is interested in driving to Madison to listen to their tips, let me know!