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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ear infections and big girl accidents

Well, I thought I might update my fellow readers about what is going on. Callan got rid of her ear infection (I guess) but about a week after she finished the medicine, Will and I noticed that she wasn't acting like herself. She was acting just like she was when the doctor said she had an ear infection. So knowing we were going to be out of town and out of pocket for a few days, we decided to take her to the doctor on Friday to see if she had another one (which is what we had suspected). Dr. Crenshaw checked both of her ears and sure enough she had a double ear infection this time! So since she had 2 in 1 month, she gave her a stronger medicine this time. She is so sad but sweet when she is hurting. She is very cuddly and wants to be held which is great but it is so sad because I know it is bothering her. She is still one of the best, least whiny babies I've ever seen to be hurting. Hopefully this medicine will knock it out. She is definitely taking after her daddy with her ear troubles!

Will had to go to Chicago at the beginning of this week so me and C decided to stay with my parents for a couple of nights and then go back and get him at the airport. Sunday was my daddy (Granman's) 60th birthday so after church we drove straight to Huntsville and celebrated with him, Elaine, Shannon, Shannon, Alexis, Faith and my Uncle Harold. I dropped Will off at the airport that afternoon and me and C stayed with daddy that night. Monday we had lunch with daddy, Shan, Shannon and Faith at Adtran (where Shan works) and then me and girl Shannon went shopping for a little bit. After dinner at the McCaig house, I went to my mom's and my best friend from high school came over and visited for a few hours. Alison hadn't seen Callan in a while so it was nice to see her and catch up. She is always so full of information! Mom was bowling that night so she got in late. Tuesday me, mom, and C shopped in Hartselle and Decatur and had lunch at Cahoots (shout out to Julie-gotta try it). Mom cooked dinner for me Tuesday night (rare but delicious) and then me and C headed back to Huntsville to pick up some tights at the Gap and get daddy from the airport.

Oh, I almost forgot about the "accident". While cooking at mom's Tuesday, I decided I would put C in the high chair mom has had for years and let her play while we worked on dinner. Well, the strap in broken that goes between her legs. That should have been my first sign. So we did it CrossPoint style and stuffed a blanket around her to help her stay propped up. The high chair is really slippery. That should have been my second sign. Well anyway, to make a long story short, all of a sudden mom gasped and we both turn to see Callan sliding out of the high chair and landing on her belly. Mom caught her before she hit her face, thank goodness! It made me so sad to know she was hurt (I actually think she was just scared). I will never do that again!!

Well, I think you are caught up now. Have a good rest of the week!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The many faces of Callan and other updates

Things change so fast these days. I am hardly able to keep up with all the things that Callan is doing much less get it on video or in pictures. But I did catch a picture of a monumental moment in Callan's life. Last Tuesday she went and cast her first vote for president. She even got an I voted sticker just like mommy and daddy! That will be fun to look back on one day!
Saturday morning was a lazy morning for us. I made some muffins while Will and C enjoyed a little morning ESPN. Notice who has the remote!
Here is how I found her the same day after her nap...
I know most of you won't be shocked by the following pictures seeing as you all know my child but I thought I would share some pics of her funny faces. I was finally able to catch a few in pictures. Most were taken while she was eating and as I offered her the food, she made the snorty face as if to say, "No thank you"! She is really a hoot and makes some of the craziest expressions I have ever seen but it is so fun and she is highly entertaining with her little high pitched squeals. She really squeals now to get your attention and she recognizes her name very good. She is finally eating some of her vegetables but I am having to disguise them in different fruits. I am trying to finish off all the frozen food I made for her so I can save some money and get the bought kind. Ha! Ridiculous! I ended up breaking the new blender on the last batch of sweet potatoes so I guess it is a good thing that I am finished doing it. She is still not taking her 2 daytime bottles very good but she takes her morning and evening ones good so the doctor isn't worried. I'll leave you with some of her funny snorty faces!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Was it worth it?

Okay, so I've been telling you blog followers that I was going to give you an update on the cost of Callan's food. Someone even told me I would be the guinea pig for anyone else thinking about doing this. Also, a girl named Andrea found my blog through Scarlett's (I think) and wanted to know how I made it. I will be happy to tell you in a separate email Andrea. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond! Well, I got my numbers together a while back but seeing as I didn't excel in math, I had to call my genius brother to figure out for me if it was worth it. He is super smart and graduated 3rd in his class with well over a 4.0. Sometimes I feel adopted! Anyway, he loves brain teasers and puzzles so I decided to call him today with all of the information and let him figure out the formula for me.

Here was my first scenerio for Shan...I paid $8.00 for apples and was able to make 54 cubes (ice cube tray cubes). I can fit approximately 4 cubes in one empty jar of the size 2 foods. The size 2 jars cost .46 cents each at Wal-Mart. So after all of his calculations it looks as though it would have cost me $6.21 to buy that same quantity of apples! Poop! I was so mad!! I actually went in the hole trying to make C's food. It is somewhat time consuming as well so I was really bummed about the outcome. It is totally not worth it for saving money! I didn't always go in the hole but I haven't saved enough to be worth it.

I talked to Kimberly since she made Henry's food and asked her if she ran into this problem and she said that she did it more for the sake of Henry eating the fresh food that she made versus the shelf stuff. No offense to Kimberly, but I've decided it isn't going to be worth it for us!

I should tell you though that I get apples and sweet potatoes free from my Paw Paw (except for this one time when I bought apples because I let Paw Paw's rot in my garage-sorry mom). So apples and sweet potatoes are worth my time because I'm not paying anything except for the saran wrap and time. Once he's done with the garden though, I'll probably just buy these 2 as well.

To give you a rundown, here are the rest of the results:
Mangos-lost some-not sure how many cubes I made
Peaches-lost .48 cents
Pears-lost $1.26
Bananas-saved $2.05

So while I highly encourage it for the freshness of the food, I highly don't recommend it for saving money. We will now stock our pantry with tiny jars of crazy foods-bought!!!