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Friday, July 25, 2008

Ready for the beach!

First of is exactly one year ago that we found out we were pregnant. I had to leave for work 10 minutes after I took the test and had a hard time not thinking about it all day long. We left 2 days later for the beach with 14 of our closest friends and didn't say a word. Boy was that hard! Some of our friends (Julie G. to name one) guessed it but we lied and denied it. We ended up telling a week later after we saw the heartbeat at our first doctor's appointment. Man a lot has changed in a year.

Onto the real blog...I wanted this swimsuit and hat for Callan but I refused to pay $16.50 for the suit and $12.50 for the hat but the wait paid off. Me and my sister-in-law, Shannon, went to the Gap a week ago and it was on sale. $5.97 for the suit and $3.97 for the hat. I was so excited!! I love it. I had to try it on her along with her new sunglasses and therefore I had to take pictures. I thought I would share them with my faithful readers. We are leaving for the beach in about 6 or 7 weeks and I can't wait. We will probably have the pack Callan's entire room but I think it will be worth it. My mom, Mimi, is going with us so that will be great to have an extra hand.

Friday, July 18, 2008

She rolled!!

I am so proud. My child rolled over today from her stomach to her back! I was watching her in the pack n' play while I was on the phone with Kimberly. I knew she was getting close to rolling over so I called Will to come in the living room and watch her. She was so close so I told him to watch her while I got the video camera. Well of course while I was gone (20 seconds total) she rolled! I missed the whole thing. I was so sad. A huge milestone and I missed it! I turned the camera on and recorded her laying on her back. Not quite as monumental as the roll itself. Anyway, I'm proud. It will probably be a while before she does it again but maybe I'll catch it next time!

Separation anxiety

Could my 4 month old really be having separation anxiety? Monday night while I was at Bunco she screamed bloody murder while she was with her daddy and then again on Tuesday night while I had the baby shower. What is going on? If there was anybody I trusted for her to be okay with it would be Will and now she is having a hard time if I'm not there. It makes me never want to leave her again although I know that I have to for my sanity and hers. We are just together ALL the time so I guess she doesn't want me to leave. It is making it very hard on me though and I feel bad for anyone else that holds her. She is just having a hard time! Bless her! How am I supposed to leave this sweet face?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy belated 4th of July

Just wanted to share Callan's 4th pictures. The 4th is Jo Anne's birthday so I wanted to take some pictures of C in her festive clothes to put her in her birthday card. They turned out to be my favorite ones of her so far. She is really getting a personality. She is smiling a lot and even starting to laugh! I hope to catch it on video one of these days. Someone asked me one day if she was smiling yet and it made me realize that she is so calm that some of you haven't seen her smile yet and probably don't think she is any fun but she is! She is a party animal. No, just kidding, but she is fun. She is still sleeping about 11 hours at night without getting up. We are so proud...and rested! Have a good day!