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Monday, January 19, 2009

New news!

So much has been going on lately that I don't even know where to begin. I'll start with why I have time to blog instead of cleaning, etc. We are in the process of selling our house which means that your house has to be ready to be shown at a moments notice. Therefore I have a clean house! It doesn't happen very often but we are trying to keep it picked up as much as possible so we don't have to scramble too bad at the last minute. It is already getting old though and it's only been a week. Whoever heard of putting your paper towels and soap under the counter. Don't those people wash their hands too? It is frustrating trying to remember all the "rules". But I'm thankful for the opportunity and will just continue to pray that it works out in a timely manner. We are closing on our new house Thursday so that is kind of exciting too. I don't know if we will do any work over there now or just wait until we have a closer move in date but I do know that we are not in a hurry. As for now, I'm just sitting here hiding all our "junk" in the Explorer until we can move it somewhere else.

We also finally announced that we are pregnant again. We have known for about a month and wanted to keep it a secret until my 10 week appt. this Friday but other circumstances allowed us to have an early ultrasound and so we told a week early. We are 9 1/2 along and due August 20th. We are very excited and a little shocked. Although we wanted our kids close together and we were trying we just didn't realize God wanted them to be this close. But He knows what we can handle so here we go again.

Saturday after I finished getting ready for the day I noticed that my vision was blurry in one eye. I was sitting at my computer trying to make a list of groceries and couldn't read the half on the right side of the page. So I decided to read some Facebook happenings and realized that now I couldn't read. Not because I couldn't see the words but because the words weren't making any sense to me. It was like they were written in Chinese or something crazy. I told Will I thought I was going crazy and he made my lay down for a little while. Well the reading thing got worse and then it was followed by my right arm and hand going numb. He tried to call Danielle who wasn't home and then tried Dr. Allen. He told us to go to the ER immediately. We slowly gathered up Callan to take her to Will's mom and as I got up and going, my symptoms all went away. Well by then I felt stupid for going to the ER when I wasn't having any symptoms so on the way to drop Callan off, we called Dr. Allen back and he said for us to just meet him at his office (he was on call Saturday) and he would check my blood pressure. The whole time we were thinking it was a sugar problem since I had eaten a very unhealthy breakfast or chocolate chip muffins and apple juice but when we got there he actually told me I had all the signs of a stroke. He said once I called him and said the symptoms were gone he realized it was probably just an atypical migraine but when he thought it could have been a stroke, he said we had 30 minutes to get to the ER and get a CT scan done to make sure there wasn't any brain damage! How scary!!! After checking my blood pressure he said we could do an ultrasound to show us that the baby was fine. So he hooked us up and there was our little grape! It's little nubs were just moving around so wildly! He first said, "There's 1" and then acted like was looking for another one which scared us half to death but he was just saying, "There's 1"! Thank goodness! After a scary day it ended up being a good day because we got to see the baby a week early and finally got to tell everyone the good news. It does seem like everyone already knew the good news though! Just so you know, the baby is NOT the only reason we bought a house! That seemed to spark rumors for sure! Just pray that this pregnancy is as good as the first one and that this baby is as good as Callan. We may have to stop with 2! I'll post an ultrasound picture as soon as I get it scanned!