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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Better safe than sorry

Okay, so today was the scariest day of my pregnancy to date. I have felt fabulous so far during this pregnancy, but today was a little different. After arriving at work and beginning to wait tables, I started feeling a little dizzy and kept blacking out. It was as if my vision was closing in from the sides. It scared me because I couldn't decide which table I would rather pass out on. I told my two best buds there what was happening and they were angels. They kept taking care of my tables and taking my orders, etc. I went to the back and sat down and called Will. Not sure what I thought he could do, but I wanted him to know. He looked on Web MD (I feel like Amy B. diagnosing myself on the internet-ha) and of course dizziness is completely normal in pregnancy. But to have not had any dizziness and then to have felt as bad as I did today, it was kind of hard to handle. I felt rough! I went to the back again and had some crackers and ginger ale which was no help. Finally about 1:00, the manager asked me if I wanted to go and I said yes. She had someone stay for me and I paid someone to do my closing duties. Right before I left, my left hand started going numb and then the inside of my mouth. Interesting! By the time I got to the parking deck the numbness had continued up to my forearm. I called Will and he told me to call the doctor. I called Dr. Woodford's office and spoke with a nurse who told me to come in immediately. Well, that makes you feel a whole lot better. I was only about 3 minutes away so it didn't take me long. I had an absolute breakdown on the way over. I called my mom to tell her I was going and she didn't answer so I had to leave her a message. I'm sure she enjoyed hearing that over voicemail. I literally lost it crying as the numbness continued all the way up to the top of my arm. I'm not really sure what I thought was happening, but I know that it wasn't something I wanted to happen. I finally remembered (last of course) to turn to God and pray about it and I immediately calmed down. I remembered how much I want His will for my life and after another moment of sniffles, I was much better. I arrived at the doctor's office and ran up the stairs (didn't bother with the elevator). I rushed inside, told them who I was and why I was there and they had me back in 3 minutes. First I had to weigh. Cause of course we need to know my weight at a time like this. Crazy! Then I had to do a urine sample. So random, but whatever! She finally took me in a room and took my blood pressure which was completely normal. By the way, by the time I got to the doctor, the numbness was all over my left arm and drifting down my back. When I got in there, however, it had gone away. Will got there about 3 minutes after I had gone in which was a huge relief. He was so sweet! Danielle Elliott finally came in and what a great woman she is. I'm not sure if I've ever met a more reassuring person in my life. She makes you feel like the world is at peace even when you are flipping out. Thank God for her! She took my blood pressure sitting down and then again standing up and sure enough it dropped. She felt like the majority of my problem was poor eating habits (in so many words-who would have thought that M&Ms for breakfast aren't healthy). I need to be eating more protein and resting more and not jumping up so quickly or changing positions so quickly. Hard to do at work, but we'll work on it. She prescribed me a day off from work (Thanks Danielle) and lots of fluids and protein for tomorrow. So all in all, she thinks the numbness was just from me getting scared and breathing hard and the more upset I got, the more it came up my arm. She told me we would listen for the heartbeat if that would make me feel better. Of course it would! She put the little thingy (don't know what it's called) on my belly with the cold gel and within seconds, she found the heartbeat! Wow, now this is an amazing sound! We got to see the heartbeat at 6 weeks but after 3 weeks you wonder if it's still there so to hear it is amazing. That was the best of pregnancy as of yet! Then she went ahead and had my blood work done which was supposed to happen at my visit next week and said that she would get the results back and let me know if I need to be taking iron. What a crazy day but I'd rather be safe than sorry! Tomorrow I'll be resting and eating lots of peanut butter if anyone gets bored and wants to chit chat!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Maggie's mishaps

So recently Will has been trying to train Maggie, our miniature dachshund, to walk on a leash. She was so rebellious and defiant at the beginning that she would lay on the ground with her paws holding her back and he would literally pull her until she couldn't breathe and then she would run a little to catch up and then over again. After many episodes of the Dog Whisperer, he has learned how to do it and Maggie has become a pro. We have tried to take her for a walk almost every night because it really calms her down and gets her ready for bed. After we get back, she usually collapses on the carpet, grass, rug, etc. from exhaustion. It works perfectly! BUT, 3 nights in a row as we were walking, she was misbehaving. She was trying to get away and pulling really hard on her leash. We just thought she was being bad, but then all of a sudden, she stopped in the middle of the road and pooped! We didn't have time to move her to the grass or anything. Oh my word, 3 nights in a row, in the middle of the road. We laughed really hard, but then realized we didn't have anything to clean it up with so we just left it. I'm afraid that someone is going to figure out that it is her and say something to us. So finally on the 4th night, we let her play in the yard for a minute and she got it all out before we started walking. She is a funny dog! I was going to try to attach the video of Will pulling her around on the leash, but I got an error when uploading it so maybe next time.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

50 things about me

Here is the ever so popular 50 things about me...

1. Will and I got engaged after only 4 months. We knew we were getting married after only 2 weeks.
2. My brother Shannon is married to his wife, Shannon and Will has a first cousin, Shannon, whose brother, Robin is married to a Shannan. Like we don’t know 8 other people with that name.
3. I buy underwear twice a year at the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual sale. I don’t pay more than $2.99 per pair.
4. I have worked at Ricatoni’s for 6 years. My first year there I dressed up as Madonna for Halloween.
5. I am pregnant and feel very blessed by it. Our due date is March 28th, 2008.
6. I am completely OCD and organized and do not like to feel out of control. I have been known to get upset if plans change.
7. I love making lists-go Cortnie-I make a new list almost everyday and mark through them when I’m done. Sometimes I even do things, then write them on the list just so that I can mark them off. (That may be too OCD, but I love to feel productive)
8. My dog, Maggie, just had surgery to be spayed and also to remove her 6th toe. She is recovering nicely.
9. My best friend from college just announced that she is prego too and we are only a little over a week apart! My first cousin and I are only 3 days apart. Fun times!
10.I had Lasik eye surgery almost 5 years ago and it is one of the best things I have ever spent money on.
11.I am deathly afraid of mice and I get it naturally from my mother.
12.12 is my favorite number.
13.My favorite animal is a goat!
14.I have a degree in Marketing and I absolutely hate sales. I also don't plan on using this degree
15.Before Will and I got married, he shaved his head and I dyed my hair back brown to save money.
16.When I was young, I always wanted to be on crutches so I sprained my ankle a lot. Ha!
17.My husband says I have pretty feet.
18.When Will and I first started dating, I kissed him first. Oh my word, he is so proud of this!
19.My baby pictures are often referred to as the Michelin baby. I was extremely fat and had so many rolls on my arms that no sun could get in between the rolls.
20.I had a mullet as a youngster. Thanks mom!
21.Mosquitoes find me very tasty! More so than normal humans!
22.I fall asleep every night to SportsCenter, usually with the lights on.
23.My favorite show is Survivor.
24.I am on the committee for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night that takes place in Florence every year.
25.I grew up Baptist and Methodist. No music was a first to me!
26.My dog is so smart that she hits the blinds on our back door every time she needs to go outside to the bathroom. Genius!
27.I haven’t painted my toenails anything except a French manicure in 4 years (expect this past May for a wedding-then I removed the color immediately). I never ever paint my fingernails.
28.I love roller coasters and I rode the highest Ferris Wheel in the world in Chicago this past May.
29.I wear brown Reef flip flops almost every single day of my summer life.
30.I know the secret code to Super Contra is up up down down left right left right b a select start. This gives you 30 men. (I am a little rusty on it).
31.I eat almost anything for breakfast except breakfast foods. Some favorites are nachos, pizza, chicken dishes, banana pudding, Debbie cakes, etc.
32.I sleep until almost 8:00 every morning of the week. I know you’re jealous, but I don’t have to be at work until 10:00 or 10:30 every day.
33.I talk to both of my parents every day of the work week.
34.I have been to Wrigley Field (where I met Jen from The Bachelor) and this September I will visit Fenway Park. Oh how I love baseball! HA!
35.I love having people over and trying new things to cook. I make a mean banana pudding!
36.If I could max out my credit card (that I do not own) I would do it at T.J. Maxx or Target.
37.We are avid fans of Dave Ramsey and abide by pretty much everything he says. Everything we have learned from him seems to work. “Live like no one else so that you can live like no one else.”
38.I sleep with a stuffed Beanie Baby dog named “Rescue”. Issues, I know…
39.The first soccer game I ever watched from beginning to end, I was one of the referees. I’m now addicted to Upward Soccer!
40.I have complete pregnancy brain. I feel as though someone has invaded my body. I do crazy things like forget to take Bunco to Bunco. Therefore we can’t play! Sorry guys!
41.Bananas stimulate my gag reflex! After a while, I forget how to chew.
42.I am self diagnosed lactose intolerant. Some (my husband) might even say I’m a hypochondriac.
43.I am writing a letter to my future child and journaling everything that happens.
44.Will and I both wear a ponytail holder around our wrists at all times. He has had the same one on for 4 years. He copied me!
45.My honeymoon wasn’t the greatest vacation ever, but we made up for it by 2 consecutive trips to Disney World for the next 2 years.
46.I bottle all of the herbs, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar that Ricatoni’s sells to all grocery stores and customers. It is one of my 8 side jobs there.
47.I love the smell of coffee, but hate the taste.
48.I hate plain water, but constantly drink bottled water with Propel packets dropped in.
49.I can still fit into my leotard from when I was on the gymnastics team in Jr. High. I also cheered and played tennis.
50.I would secretly love to play the drums for Coldplay!

I have a feeling you learned a lot about me just now!

I'm off

Well persistant people, here I go with my first ever blog! I was very content being on the outside looking in, but I guess I will jump in here with you guys and quit being only a stalker. The title of my blog comes from my ever entertaining job as a waitress. I'm not sure that I will even talk about work, but hey I needed a title.

I'm going to keep it short tonight and think about my next amazing post, but I will say that today is mine and Will's 4th anniversary! How sweet the last 4 years have been! We celebrated separately tonight with Will having a ballgame and me having Bunco (minus the Bunco game seeing as how I forgot it). That's another story for another night! Be anticipating my 50 things about me blog...I'm working on it! Until next time...