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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Before the reunion at my mom's

Some of the class of 2000

Last Saturday was my 10 year reunion. I graduated from Hartselle High School in 2000 before heading to Florence to attend UNA, fall in love, get married, and you know the rest. I graduated with 189 people but I think only about 30 were at the picnic. We didn't go to the dinner that night so I'm not really sure how many came to that. I was so glad to see everyone but there are a few who hold a special place in my heart. Me, Alison, Emily, Mandy & Ashley (who left before pictures) were really close the last few years of high school and they all came back (after I begged) to visit last weekend. Me & Al have known each other since birth and grew up going to church together and later became close friends. Me & Mandy knew each other since Kindergarten, me and Em and Ashley since junior high. I was so glad we got to get together and meet each others children. There is a picture below with some of the guys we were close with too. Some weren't there but it was nice to see them too. I haven't seen most of them in years so this was a nice treat. I have so many fun memories with these people. Cheerleading, beach trips, cruising through Cullman for boys (that's right), blind double dates, proms, homecoming, hanging out in the summers, lots of fun stuff. Thanks for all the memories!! Hopefully we can get together before our next reunion. Go Tigers!
Mandy, me, Al, Em (Maggie) Ashley missed the pics
Mandy, me (Callan), Russell, Alison, Emily (Reagan)
The boys-David, Andrew, Russell, Ben, & John