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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Bunny at the bowling alley

A seat in a public restroom called "I'll hold the baby"

Wow! It's been a while and so much has happened. Let me see if I can catch you faithful readers up. February has been crazy busy. It seems like things have come out of nowhere and taken up almost all of our nights and weekends. I'm sorry that each paragraph seems out of order. I wrote some of this before it happened and never posted it so when I went back and changed some of it, I wasn't able to copy and paste paragraphs in different places. Hope you can keep up!

We closed on our new house on January 24th and got a contract on our old house at the same meeting. We also had our 10 week appointment with baby #2 and got to hear a sweet little (fast) heartbeat. The appraisal went through so we are good to move. We are moving tomorrow and Saturday into the new house. It shouldn't be too much trouble since we are hiring the big stuff done but so far it has been a blast! Kidding!

February 4th was Will's 30th birthday. I have been so excited about it because it is such a monumental year and I wanted to do something to make it really special. A lot of secrets went into this birthday and amazingly he didn't find any of them out until time. I gave him one gift a day from Sunday to Saturday (his b'day was on a Wednesday). Small gifts, mind you. Most less than $10. I'm not extravagant. On Tuesday I went ahead and gave him 2 gifts. He got one that morning and then that night I couldn't wait for the next one so I went ahead and told him that we were going on a trip this coming Valentine's Day weekend. I told him he could either find out where we were going and all the details or wait until the night before we left and I would tell him everything. He decided he wanted to know. Thank goodness because I was tired of holding secrets. I had a big letter typed up telling him everything and he read it to find out that we were going to Clayton, GA. His parents, sister and her family were also meeting us there. That was an even bigger surprise. We don't see his sister and family too often so we were super excited about that. We went snow tubing (except prego), played lots of Nertz and Cranium, ate and ate, played with the kids, had pedicures and hairstyling sessions (by Taylor), laughed lots, worshipped together and ate even more. It was an amazing trip. By the way, Scott's parents own this unbelievable house so it is a free trip except for food, gas, recreation, etc. Even better!!

Sweet baby Carley

The snow tubers

The girls

All of D&J's grandchildren (so far)
A week before we left Will had told me that he was taking me out on a date to thank me for his good birthday week. We were working at the new house so we drove separately to Arby's, our dinner reservation. I was a little shocked, but hey I like Arby's and I especially like saving money so I wasn't about to complain. As we were ordering our food, 3 of our other couple friends showed up to eat with us. I'm thinking "how sweet, Will has asked them to join us". Well, it turns out that all the girls are thinking we are there for them. Each girl thought that Friday night was "their" night when in reality it was all of our nights. After we finished eating, the boys finally told us that they had planned a girls night out for us and we would be staying at the Marriott that night with no husbands and no kids! Brownie points!! It was soooooooooo sweet! They had even gone as far as to go to the room ahead and time and put chocolates on our beds and flowers in a vase. Will had even packed my overnight bag without my knowledge (and he didn't forget anything)!!! We had a blast! We walked around the hotel, sipping tea, read some magazines, had some major discussion time and played Catch Phrase and ate Cheetos until we were blue in the face. After falling asleep sometime after midnight (exhausted), we woke up early to join the boys and kids at Cracker Barrell for a big breakfast. It was an amazing night with no tv and lots of girl time. The boys really outdid themselves on this one. Thanks guys!!

Then follow the day up with a major headache, a quick nap, and a trip to Bridge Street to eat at PF Changs for Will's b'day dinner. We took a few friends with us for the trip and it was a wonderful time. After an hour and a half wait, we finally got seated. We all ordered something different and ate off each others' plates and it was so much fun. It was the perfect end to a perfect week.

The Thursday night before we left for our trip we had our SonSeeker Valentine's party at church. We had planned a big surprise...thank you Paige and Scarlett for your help. We told the class that we were all going out to eat together and that they had to come to the church to find out where we were going. We were also having a guys dessert competition in which the guys prepared their own desserts and got judged by the women to see who was the best cook. So once everyone got there, we said we were going to walk over to the student center and take a peek at all the desserts before we got our dinner instructions. When we got over there, there were tables set up with place cards for each couple, decorations everywhere, romantic music, etc. The guys seated their dates and brought them a box of chocolates and then fixed their plates (lasagna, salad, bread) and served them for the night. It was so fun! I think most of the women were shocked by what the guys had been in on. Then we had dessert and apparently Anthony Wilson is the best cook in our class, followed closely by Ricky Albright and Will. Then we played the newlywed game where Bradley Willis and Cayce Cooper (engaged couple) won first place followed by me and Will and Casey and Kayla Darby. Maybe we should learn something from Bradley and Cayce. It was a great success and I'm thankful for everyone's help in putting it together.

Sorry this post is so long but maybe I can post more often than this from now on. I got my camera working again so I'll try to post some pics of the new house as soon as it gets presentable. Don't hold your breath!
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