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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter weekend

Family photo at C's birthday party

It is being weird and not letting me put pictures where I want so they are out of order. Oh well, I'll get over it. Callan fell out of her little princess patio table chair yesterday and got a pretty good bruise and bump on her head. Thank goodness we had already done Easter pictures! I wish her bangs would swing the other way for a few days. Here is the bump...

Lizzie and "Becky"-an old doll of mom's that is obviously Lizzie's size

Callan's Easter basket

Taking a break from hunting eggs...

to pick flowers

Shannon teaching the family how to clip coupons!

As you all know, I am addicted to saving money at Publix now. It is like a game trying to find the right coupons and trying to get the best deals. Well I went last Friday night while at my mom's and then again on Monday morning before heading back to Florence and I did so good I decided to show you what I bought. On Friday night I spent $49.13 and saved $89.34!! Then on Monday I spent $48.80 and saved $63.45. I took a picture of my purchases lined up on the counter to show you what all I got for that amount. Hopefully I won't have to go for awhile!

Here is the Friday night trip....
2 bags of OreIda Steam N' Mash, 2 things of Jimmie Dean sausage, 5 cans of veges, 3 cans of broth, 4 boxes of macaroni, 1 bottle of dressing, 5 things of Steamfresh veges, 2 boxes of muffin mix, 1 pack of nutrigrain bars, 1 box of Ritz Crackerfuls, 1 bottle of bbq sauce, 2 FREE boxes of Chocolate Cheerios, 6 boxes of popcorn (saved $6 by getting it there with coupons), 2 containers of ketchup, 4 boxes of fruit chillers, 1 bottle of cooking oil, 1 bag of Keebler cheesecake middle cookies, 1 container of pound cake, 1 carton of strawberries, and a FREE container of Greek yogurt (they actually paid me .60 to take it out of the store)!! I think that is all.

Here is the Monday morning trip...

5 boxes of instant potatoes ($1 total), 4 boxes of granola bars, 5 boxes of brownie mix, 2 huge Lysol wipes containers, 4 bottles of bbq sauce, 2 bottles of Pam, 2 things of Lysol spray, 2 Voila bag meals, 14 boxes of green giant veges and a huge thing of Bounty paper towels.

and here are the 2 containers of Snuggle I got FREE!!!

Here's what else has been going on.

We celebrated Callans' 2nd birthday on March 27th. She had a great time. We had a hot dog bar set up and it turned out really good (and easy)!!

She is signing thank you after everyone sang

Her cake

Her cake at Granna and Dada's on her actual birthday

We got her a new tricycle that we can help turn since she can't reach the pedals good. We didn't give her to her until a few days later. She waited patiently while daddy put it together.

The finished product...

Easter morning at mom's

Easter lunch at my grandparents

Waiting to eat lunch
By the way, Will has been gone all weekend which is why he isn't in any of the Easter pictures. He got tickets to the Masters practice round in Augusta for yesterday and so he and Scott (brother-in-law), Scott's dad, Jerry, and Scott's brother-in-law, Chris, all went down early to Clayton, GA where Jerry has a house and they played golf. Then Sunday night they drove over to Augusta for the Masters on Monday. Then he spent the night in GA again last night and worked this morning. He is on his way home now. I'm sure he'll post pictures of his trip (if Chris emails him some pics since he didn't have a camera and you can't take your phone in) on his blog soon!
Enjoy this beautiful weather! I can't get enough!